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 Paramedical   Examinations
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Specialty Diagnostic Kits


Routine/Stat Labs



We focus on utilizing multiple types of drug tests methods to detect the presence of illegal drugs or alcohol. We can detect the usage of illegal substances and prescription medications in urine, blood, hair follicle, saliva, and the respiratory system. Our services are also a great match for industries regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation and adhere to federal/state drug testing requirements.




Establishing a policy which mandate employees take a drug test after an accident occurs on the job is a great deterrent to drug abuse by employees. This type of test usually is requested when an employee(s) endure a workplace injury or significant property damage is caused by an employee. Order this exam to be sure that drug or alcohol usage is a key factor in any incidence that occurs with company property.




When two or more employees, managers or supervisors have objective evidence that a colleague may be under the influence, a test may be warranted. Ensure that you document the key physical, behavioral, and psychological signs associated with substance abuse before scheduling an exam. If you suspect an employee is under the influence, we can arrive onsite to test the employee the same day of suspicion in most cases. Surprisingly, it is not uncommon for employees to “doctor” or “alter” a drug screening on their way to a drug testing facility in they are not closely monitored. Symptoms of being under the influence





Paramedical Exam

We will visit your insurance agency or financial investment firm’s office to collect blood/urine samples at the same time your clients complete their application for life insurance.  Since we can eliminate the multiple-day waiting period between application and paramed exam, your insurance agents and financial advisors receive commissions much faster using our services. 



Wellness Examinations

In today’s technological age many Americans do not routinely visit the doctor nor do they seek diagnostic testing unless they feel sick. Many people opt to not visit the doctor for financial reasons, while others will not visit a health care professional because they don’t foresee anything being wrong with their health. Visiting the doctor simply takes up too much time even though regular checkups are beneficial.

We offer a diagnostic test that measures heart health, hormone levels, ideal metabolic functions parameters with more than a dozen bio markers measured. Give your physician a call and have them order your wellness exam. We’ll come out and administer the exam, send the sample to the nearest lab, and the results will be sent to your doctor in just a few days.




Specialty Diagnostic Testing


We provide a wide range of diagnostics tests in the comfort of a patient’s home, aiding healthcare professionals in increasing their access to patients facing issues of mobility or a lack of transportation. Our testing capabilities are quite broad, which allows us the ability to work with healthcare professionals from any medical specialty. We help health care professionals streamline services rendered by reducing long wait room visits, reduce the number of doctor visits.




Routine Medical Blood Drawing & Stat Lab


Do you need easier access to your patients? If you have issues getting patients to visit the hospital or medical facilities, we can provide support. We can visit your patients in the convenience of their own home to collect blood and urine samples. The samples can then quickly be transported to our local laboratory for quick analysis and the results can be accessible in as little as 48 hours. 

Pre-employment drug screening

Post-Accident Drug Testing  

 Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing

Post-Accident Drug Testing  

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