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Drug Testing & Diagnostic Labs

Why Is Drug Testing Important?

We believe that key components of business success are firmly rooted in having a strong infrastructure, an investment in quality employees, and building a strong reputation within the community.  Our goal is to help companies thrive and achieve excellence. We play our part by helping our clients create an environment for people to do their best work. While there are many factors associated with running a business. Your employees should never be labeled as a risk factor, the should only be considered valuable assets that help you reach your future goals.


People that abuse substances have full-time jobs

According to industry experts, 70% of the estimated 14.8 million Americans that use drugs are employed with a full-time job. Collectively, drug users cost employers roughly 81 billion dollars a year according to some studies.  Around 40% of employees who have abuse drugs admit that their work productivity is substantially impacted negatively.  Substance abuse increases the likelihood that employees make poor choices about the way they treat company property, your customers/clients and even their co-workers. The increased liability associated with drug abuse can lead to legal issues,  damage to the company brand and reputation. For more statistics on drug abuse in the workplace, click here!

Create a Drug-Free Workplace

If you have not integrated a pre-employment drug screening at the time of hire, you’ll never know if your employees are helping your organization grow or causing a loss and future liabilities.



Solutions We Provide Small Businesses
  • Mobile Phlebotomy services mean we come to you and makes your life easier so you can focus on generating revenue for your company

  • Help Employers make informed decisions about the employees that they hire

  • Help businesses maximize profits by ensures each employee is productive

  • Help employers reduce the costs associated with running a business

  • Create a safe environment for patrons and employees

  • Prevent employees and prospective employees from cheating or altering drug screenings

  • 100% probability of catching employees if/when they utilize banned/illegal substances while on the job  


Benefits of Pre-Employment Testing

•          Decreased absenteeism

•          Fewer on the job accidents

•          Improved productivity

•          Reduced turnover 

•          Reduce or eliminate the damage of company equipment or inventory


Industries we serve







Financial Services Industry

Insurance Companies

Automotive Industry

Court Ordered Drug Testing

Companies with Government Contracts (Click Here)



Areas We Provide Our Serve

We provide Drug Testing Services for businesses located in Dallas, TX

We provide Drug Testing Services for Businesses located in Fort Worth, TX

We serve all businesses located in DFW Metroplex and the North Texas Region

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